Salon Owner Facing IRS Scrutiny Due to Accountant’s Thefts

Salon owner Donna Waguespack Ramon has Opening Cuts Plus salons in more than one location. These salons were her dream but she says they recently have become a nightmare.

“The IRS showed up at my business just unannounced and explained to me that my 940s and 941s were not paid. And I said I have no clue what you’re talking about but we’ll call our accountant and figure it out,” she said.

She quickly discovered that the IRS had been trying to get in touch with her accountant for months. Her accountant Tony Tulli collected the required payroll tax from Ramon, but did not deliver those funds to the IRS. Instead, he kept the money, almost $45,000, for himself. Tulli ended up a sentence of 41 months in federal prison, but Ramon says that she is the one being treated like a prisoner.

Tulli is required to pay restitution, but in the meantime Ramon’s bank accounts have been frozen and she has liens against every property she owns. The IRS cannot comment on the case, but Ramon hopes her story will help others to be more aware and pay close attention to what their accountant is doing.


Posted on January 9, 2014 at 10:00 AM