Reasons Why Accountants Make Good SEOs

Accountants have the potential to become great in the marketing department, specifically as Search Engine Optimization professionals. What skills does an accountant possess that make this interesting correlation?

An accountant is an expert at analytical thinking. Anyone involved in SEO must be able to analyze and track their competition. They need to be aware of what marketing aspects are working well while performing a cost-benefit analysis.

Regulations are a huge part of the accounting field. SEO marketing requires a thorough knowledge of how the various search engines rank sites, what type of keyword analysis is done and how to keep a site from getting ‘de-indexed’. SEO marketers must learn to play by these rules while getting the most out of their marketing materials.

Great accountants have a well-rounded knowledge of inner workings of a business. This knowledge helps them watch the company’s bottom line. SEO marketers must have a broad marketing knowledge. While a good ranking is one goal, the overall goal is to make the sale, so broader knowledge of concepts like web design, conversion optimization and marketing funnels are necessary.



Posted on December 12, 2013 at 10:00 AM