Expansion Beyond Accounting – What’s there for Wave?

Wave, a website that is well known to the public as a free cloud-based accounting product maker, has recently made some changes in its branding. With the goal of giving awareness to the public of its products and back-office tools, the name and website has been changed.


The name of the website is now called www.waveapps.com and it has been known to the accounting niche as Wave. Its products include invoicing, payroll, payments, receipt management, accounting and many more.

So what was the cause of all its changes?

The number of its users has increased and so did their products. Wave simply made things easier for these users, hence have integrated everything and placed it in one location.

 “The real driver here is that we’ve all been small business owners. We know they hate doing back-office work so the easiest way to do the task is by having one password, one UI, and it’s easy to get paid on invoices and do the books and not have to find four or five different apps to try to stitch together,” said Simpson. “The macro trend was users asking us to take the same level of ease of use they were finding in accounting and wanting to do it for other things like payroll or vice versa. We are approaching 500,000 registered users so we have the benefit of a lot of feedback on how we can make their small business lives easier, and lots of that feedback centered around bringing everything together in a simple way.” Said co-founder Kirk Simpson.

Simpson also emphasized that Wave will still be free for users, in exemption to the other payroll work which is just around $5 or less per employee per month.

January 2013 will also be a year of new things for Wave as they are scheduled to release their new mobile apps – payroll and receipt scanning.

Posted by Diane Araga, on January 21, 2013 at 9:00 AM