Being a Respectful Accountant

As an accountant it is important to recognize the needs of small businesses. They come with their unique issues and problems, but also with their unique passions and energy.

Sometimes the primary way to a client’s heart is respect. Listening is important, but so is showing empathy. Interact with your client while they are speaking. This shows you are being attentive and actually hearing what they are saying.

Be honest with any prospective small business clients. They deserve to have your best attention and your best advice. Don’t be overly critical, but let your prospective small business clients know what you find, whether it is good or bad. They need to know if anything is wrong with their bookkeeping.

Treat your clients as humans first. Small business clients are often pursuing a dream. An accountant who is working with this type of clients gets the opportunity to help that dream become a reality. The Small Business Administration claims that 9 our of every 10 small business attempts fail. Whether their venture is going to be successful or not, each client deserves an accountant who provides his or her best effort to support the client’s best efforts.

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 10:00 AM