Accountant Receives 9 Year Sentence

A Fort Collins accountant was sentenced to nine years in prison along with a $300,000 restitution requirement. Jennifer Choury was also facing additional counts including theft, forgery, money laundering and identity theft.

23 counts were dismissed, while Choury pleaded guilty to one count of theft.  This was part of a plea bargain that included the above mentioned restitution and prison sentence. Choury was indicted for thefts from Martin Lind and his companies including Pelican Lakes LLC and Water Valley Land Company LLC.

The indictment stated that Choury sent 54 email requests for withdrawals to the company bank. She then logged into her employer’s email account in order to authorize the illegal transactions. She then deleted the emails. In addition Choury was accused of keeping $8,500 from the sale of a company limousine. Choury also forged checks from her employer’s account and ‘laundered’ them through a non-profit organization where she was acting as a treasurer.

Posted on January 28, 2014 at 10:00 AM