10 Habits of Happy CPAs

There are certain traits that seem to be exhibited by the CPAs who are happiest at their jobs. The ten following traits are seen most consistently in the happy CPAs:


  1. They take the time to nurture relationships. By creating a professional network, they are able to keep their business moving forward. They have great relationships with both their co-workers and their clients.
  2. They love what they do. They are easily able to get into the flow of their work, because they get absorbed in work that they are interested in and enjoy.
  3. They pay attention to their own physical needs. They eat well, get rest and have a plan for physical activity.
  4. Their office is organized. They reduce clutter and make their space comfortable.
  5. They have defined boundaries. They are able to clearly set boundaries without offending or harming relationships.
  6. Work is not their entire life. They have hobbies, a family, charity work that they enjoy … anything that gives them something to look forward to when the work day is done.
  7. Their efforts are working to a specific purpose. They are able to stay within that focus, working towards their goal.
  8. They set priorities. With the capability of setting priorities comes the ability to be more productive which results in greater satisfaction in the workplace.
  9. They have some type of spiritual aspect to their life. This allows them to be connected to people and the world around them.
  10. They have knowledge of coping strategies and how to use them. Stress exists in every job. Being able to see it and work through it allows them to come out stronger.
Posted on December 17, 2013 at 10:00 AM