Gerald Deutsch the Beverly Hills Accountant

Sitting on the curb along Olympic Blvd, just west of Robertson in Beverly Hills California is one of the best places in the world to watch exotic cars.  Bentleys, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and Ferraris are loaded and unloaded almost daily from slick car carriers and rolled in and out of Beverly Hills premier luxury auto dealership.   The blocks running north along Robertson host world class designers, shops and restaurants filled with flocks of starlets and the paparazzi who hunt them.   Sitting quietly in the middle, and unfazed by the commotion, is the office of a modest, sensible and truly professional advisor – Gerald Deutsch, CPA – the Beverly Hills accountant.

Gerald “Jerry” Deutsch has been serving small businesses and professionals for over twenty five years.  Jerry is a tax specialist with the depth of knowledge, insight and experience to guide his clients in managing and mitigating their tax exposure.  Jerry is also sufficiently conservative and clear thinking to keep his clients safe and secure as they manage their businesses.  Over 80% of Jerry’s clients entrust him with their tax work, and over 95% return year after year to have Jerry help them again.  Even clients who move out of state generally return to Jerry for tax and consulting services.

Jerry’s tax and financial support isn’t just a quick “tax season” conversation.  For many of Jerry’s tax clients he also provides monthly bookkeeping, account reconciliation and financial management consulting throughout the year.   By keeping an eye on the books year round, Jerry can guide his clients in structuring their income and expenses for maximum benefit and minimal surprises when tax preparation season arrives.

Jerry, the Beverly Hills Accountant, has a typical Beverly Hills/Westside Los Angeles clientele.  His clients include up small business owners as well as entertainment clients.    For other business professional, lawyers, doctors and others, Jerry is always available to advise on how to manage deductions, and expense distributions between personal and professional lives.  Jerry says that when building a proper tax strategy for professionals getting all the proper info is often the greatest struggle.  Jerry is pro at pulling things together for busy professionals for whom a tax return isn’t always the top priority.

With decades of experience, and a masters degree in taxation, Jerry is well established in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills working with real estate partnerships and LLCs.  He has the ability to work closely with your management team to evaluate a deal and control the tax implications of the full process of real estate acquisition, management and sale.

Gerald Deutsch, the Beverly Hills Accountant is a modest, conservative, and fiscally responsible financial consultant and tax advisor for any serious business, professional or individual.   He is a true professional.

Posted by Diane Araga, on December 21, 2012 at 3:07 PM