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Accountants Volunteer In Olympics

Everyone in the U.K. is excited about the Olympics, this also includes the accountants! This once in a lifetime opportunity is a great way to make the world see how accommodating and wonderful United Kingdom is.

CIBES Conducts Code of Ethics Workshop

The Commecs Institute of Business and Emerging Sciences (CIBES) conducted another Educational and Ethical Perspective workshop entitled “Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants” at CIBES City Campus in Pakistan.

Wave Accounting Launches New Online Tools

Wave Accounting announced the launch of a new online collaboration tool that will connect accountants and bookkeepers with the company’s 300,000 small business clients. The innovators of the small business accounting software added the Wave Pro Network to their service offerings.

Senior Accountant Accused of Breach of Trust And Ethics

An accountant with a distinguished business and personal record has been struck off the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants register for breach of rules.

3 Memorable Accountants in Film

Accountants are universally recognized as being relatively boring number crunchers, sitting behind desks and obsessing with tax returns and endless forms. In films, however, accountants often rise to the status of heroes, using their skills and abilities to save others or, in...

Wolters Kluwer Expands Its Services in the Asia-Pacific Region By Acquiring Acclipse

Global leader provider of tax, accounting and audit solutions and service Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting has acquired Acclipse Limited, the leading online provider of accounting software serving Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific regions.

World Economy Forecasts Now Revealed by Accountants

New surveys have revealed a forecast for the year about the global economy and CFO's aren’t happy about the way it would look.

TaxAssist Accountant Ranks Top 2

Ernst & Young has literally one point above TaxAssist in the national league table. Just one point and TaxAssist could have been in the top.

Deloitte Analyzes U.S. Government Debt

One of the biggest accounting firms in the world, Deloitte, thinks they know the cost of the U.S. government’s debt and states that “The debt crisis is likely bigger than you think.”

Accountant Wants NHLPA Support in Fighting For Tax Ruling

Allan Garber is not a very well-known personality except to family, friends and associates. However, he has been fighting a war with one of the biggest government agencies in Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency.

Reebok Mired In Fraud Controversy

Reebok India has filed an Rs 870-crore fraud case against two of its top employees. The company filed the case against its former Managing Director Subhinder Singh Prem and Chief Operating Officer Vishnu Bhagat.

Rihanna Lost Millions Because of Accountant

Rihanna has filed a lawsuit against her former accounting firm and its two former employees for mismanaging her finances and caused her to lose millions of dollars.

Global Financial Powerhouses Join Forces

Two global financial organizations have joined forces to form a strategic global partnership. The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) formalized the alliance in IMA’s annual conference and exposition held in Las...

Consumers Win When Accountants Get License

Qualified professionals are always required to have a license. Why not do the same thing for accountants offering financial advice?

Accountants Gets a Social Media Program

Realizing there is a steady decline in getting clients using traditional media, Maximize Social Media LLC has created an accountant marketing program aimed at providing marketing support and management services to accountants all over the world.

Tax Accountant Encourages More Heroes

In one of the farewell letters of a tax consultant, a hero can be seen in the everyday corporate world and they do not need to die for this country now.

Anti-Laundering Summit

Money laundering by crime syndicates and terrorists has become one of the major issues a government has to deal with.

Blackbaud’s New Referral Program for Accountants

Blackbaud, Inc. an accounting solutions provider for non-profit organizations has launched a new program that will mutually benefit Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and non-profit organizations.

Accountants New Role Involve Mandatory Sustainability Issue Reports

Sustainable development and climate change are two aspects where the accountancy industry is active into. Though it is questionable on how these industries are connected, environmental issues are continued to be taken up by most accountants.

Colorado Needs Good Accountants

Colorado recently had a couple of bad news which involved inappropriate practices by government agencies regarding accounting.

Ernst & Young Accountants Cost Cut Performances

The Ernst and Young accountants recently had some differences with the Cirque du Soleil – decisions in artistic performances and finances.

Insureon Offers New Risk-Management Options

Small, micro-accounting firms (those with less than 20 employees) and individual Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are more vulnerable compared to big accounting companies.

AICPA Now Supports FAF’s Revised Proposal

Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF) has finally come up with a proposal that American Institute of CPAs can support, provided that modifications be made by Private Company Council.

Boxing Champ Many Pacquiao, Countersuit Law Firm

Many Pacquiao, the famous WBO welterweight champion sued back his former accountant for tax inaccuracy reasons.

Virtual Face-To-Face Meeting Helps In Tax Audits

One of the hardest things we can do in life is filling in and submitting a correct tax declaration. Taxpayers would surely appreciate all the help they can get whenever they are faced with tax problems.

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