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When Do You Need A CPA?

There are questions whether you need to a Certified Public Accountant or just a bookkeeper will suffice considering that a CPA’s compensation is larger.

Strategies For Business Accountants Drafted by IFAC

Accountants who work within companies or are employed will now be able to address their employers’ needs when the International Federation of Accountants approves the proposed strategies for projects in the next four years.

Small Businesses Get A Break On New Framework For Reporting Financial Statements

Small business owners have been given some leeway by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants when they report their financial statements.

The Difference Between An Auditor and A Forensic Accountant

It can be confusing alright figuring out the differences between an auditor and forensic accountant. They both deal with financial statements and analyze them.

CFA Institute Places A Premium In The Ethics Section Of CFA Exams

This is the reason why most people who took the Chartered Financial Analysis Level I and had a borderline grade passed because they did well in the ethics section of the exams.

Postlethwaite & Netterville CEO Elected As Vice Chairman of AICPA

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has a new vice chairman. He goes by the name William E. “Bill” Balhoff. Balhoff is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Postlethwaite & Netterville.

“Best Buy” Online Master’s In Accounting Program Only At FAU

Hoping to get an online Master’s education but confused which university to choose?

The Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference

The Sleeter Group Accounting Solutions Conference held in Anaheim, California was cosponsored by Sage Accounting.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers Tries to Deceive The Public On Romney’s Taxes

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney released his second tax return last month. This gave us the opportunity to view a summary of his taxes prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers from 1990-2009.

Stanford Financial Group Accountants’ Trial Nearing Its End

Prosecutors are now focusing on two Stanford Financial Group Co accountants that they alleged to have actively helped R. Allen Stanford dupe investors of up to $7 billion dollars.

Code of Ethics For Certified General Accountants

The code of ethics of Certified General Accountants can be broken down into the following sections a) Responsibilities to Society; b) Trust and Duties; c) Due Care and Professional Judgement; d) Deception Information; e) Professional Practice; f) Responsibilities to the Profession;...

Chief Accountant and Fellow Officer To Be Tried In Stanford Scandal

Stanford’s Financial Group of Co. accountants’ criminal trial is set to begin soon. The accountants and officers of the financial company were accused of helping the disgraced R. Allen Stanford of swindling at least $7 billion from investors.

Dependent Care FSA Benefits

The Internal Revenue Service or IRS has recognized that more and more families are availing the tax relief available to them for the cost of caring for dependents.

Forensic Accountants Trace Where $100 Million Went

Forensic accountants were presented at a Manhattan courtroom to represent opposing sides of the Sava Senior Care trial.

Technology Changes Accountancy

Whether it is a small business owner, an accountant, or the big industry leaders, technology impacts the way everything operates.

What is A Dependent Care FSA?

According to the IRS, taxes can be lessened depending on the stand that a person is into. For instance, if you have a dependent, a child you are taking care of, then your taxes are automatically less than those who are single. But what are the help extended by the government...

Tips to Avoid Getting Audited

It’s only a few months away. The start of the New Year and thus the start of worrying about taxes.

KRW Accountants Suggests Charity To Lessen Taxes

The Pury Hill Business Park accounting firm, KRW Accountants, strongly suggests another option to lessen inheritance taxes.

Health Care Act Debated by Accountants

Although the IRS does not require insurance, accountants remain concerned for clients on this matter.

Concerns Regarding PTIN Information Aired

Both the AICPA and the IRS have been working well for years to cover issues on tax and information. Recently announced, the AICPA gave the IRS a piece of their opinion regarding the requirements IRS collects for the PTIN or also known as Tax Identification Number registration.

Accountants Help ArtStart Building Renovations

Two far different fields of professions were reported to work together in a project at the old Federal Building in Rhinelander.

PA Society of Public Accountants Changes for the Future

They say a name is the most critical part of your business and Pennsylvnia Society of Public Accountants has recognized this through their studies and researches.

ICAP Disassociates Itself From ACCA

Most young professionals in Pakistan are looking at becoming Chartered Accountants. It has become one of the few industries with very bright prospective local and international employment, thus, institutions and training centers have been popping out helping young entrants in...

Why Your Business Needs a Good Accountant

Whether your business is a small affair or a multimillion dollar corporation with a complex hierarchy of employees, it is essential to have a good accountant.

LBA Certified Public Accountants and Affiliates Becomes The LBA Group

LBA Certified Public Accountants and its affiliates shall now be known as The LBA Group. The company is Northeast Florida’s largest locally owned and managed accounting, consulting and wealth advisory organization.

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